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Did you know that diving in Egypt is a touch to the wild underwater life, from sharks to the dugongs listed in the Red Book, watching the underwater reefs and the fish that go back and forth. There are options for everyone from beginners to professionals. In the article I quote TOP top places for diving in Egypt. Abu Dabab Abu Dabab is a cozy bay full of sea turtles and dugongs, or sea cows, peaceful inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. There is a sandy bottom and a beautiful lagoon. The uniqueness of this place is explained by the fact that there is an opportunity to dive into the atmosphere of underwater life in absolutely natural, natural conditions. Corals in Abu Dabab are also delicious and are considered one of the best in Egypt. Elphinstone Reef The best place for extreme. The reason is that there live … sharks! Diving in an embrace with sharks – obviously not for all. They are found here all sorts: both dark-colored and long-winged. In general, the underwater fauna of this place is very rich – the fish so and melteshat here and there, and still slowly swim the turtles and frolic dolphins. If you are lucky, you will meet a stingray or come across a flock of fish-clowns. Another highlight of Elphinstone – a wall that goes into the unknown depth of 70 meters. On it you can find soft corals. The flow along the walls is very strong. Experienced divers can approach the southern plateau and dive to a depth of about 55 meters. An arch will be discovered, near which there is a huge stone, all covered with corals. Islands Brothers Islands Brothers like a magnet for marine life, and therefore, for divers. These are two isolated islands, where there are ideal conditions for the formation of corals. The islands are included in the national nature reserve. In this place there are many sharks, and nature fascinates with its beauty. The only problem is that newcomers here do not like it very much: you must have at least 50 dives in your account. Reef Dedalus If you sail away from the mainland, you can find the Dedalus reef – the island on which the lighthouse is sheltered. The reef was formed with the help of the oldest hard corals and is the only major representative of its kind in this area. When immersed in 90-100 meters you can see an ancient wreck. He is almost a hundred and fifty years old, and the disaster occurred in the autumn of 1876. Since the reef has a solitary position, the nature here is untouched, clean. Ras Mohammed National Park Unlike Dedalus, the national park of Ras Mohammed is often visited by tourists. This is not at all surprising, because this place is home to 1200 species of fish and 220 varieties of corals. Here, real underwater mountains are formed from corals. Only here to stay alone with nature with such a flow of tourists is unlikely to succeed. But, in any case, it is worth diving 15 meters to a real miraculous miracle, called the city of anemones. Marsa Alam A great option for beginners and not only. Here everything is perfect: both the flora and fauna, the bright sun, and the crystal clear turquoise water. You can meet both a shark and a turtle. Marsa Alam has enough extensive territory, so there is enough space for everyone. However, it is worth hurrying – this place is rapidly gaining popularity and is included in the status of a world resort, so that soon a literally influx of tourists is expected. Each diver is simply obligated to visit Egypt, because this country, with its amazing underwater nature, provides divers with many opportunities and dozens of wonderful places.
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Liveaboard on our yacht is the best way for take pleasure in diving on the Red sea. Only on an underwater safari it is possible to be engaged in diving practically without restrictions, to make the true night dives, to see the most beautiful and reserved reeves inaccessible to boats from hotels.